Do you recognise this?

  • YOU have been holding off what you really want to do for years
  • YOU wonder what job truly fits you
  • YOU are stuck in your job or you don’t seem to get it on track
  • YOU are enjoying your job immensely but a reorganisation looms!
  • YOU are good at your job and know you can still do so much more
  • YOU keep on looking for the best way to perform your job and at the same time want to keep your manager happy
  • YOU and your team are often not on the same level of communication

Then you have to read this

WE can work on this together if you recognise yourself in the above. We’ll start with an intake to set clear goals. After this, we will agree on the most suitable procedure for you and/or your team. I use various methods, such as:

    • a behaviour and/or motivation analysis
    • a goal-driven and system-oriented approach to work
    • the RET method
    • NLP
    • Constellations

– always with a focus on non-verbal behaviour.

I’m Vivienne Weerts and I enjoy helping people as a professional adviser, coach and trainer. My aim is to inspire individuals and teams getting ready for the next step in their career by giving them insights and tools. I guide individual employees in their search for a new job by gaining insights into their qualities and motivations, finding out their wildest dreams and defining what is necessary to achieve this. I help build successful teams when they want to achieve better cooperation or communication.

My motto is ‘Life is what you make it’. You, and only you, are responsible and in charge of all the opportunities. And that’s precisely what I do. I bring in my best and most fun knowledge and experience for the greatest job in the world. With my wide range of interests and my energetic and vigorous attitude, I take a highly personalised approach to each and every assignment.